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The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped
The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped
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20141025_adelaide100Aunque no estaban tan rodados, como cuando actuaron en Madrid , los Rolling Stones se machacaron en su primer concierto en Australia, en el Adelaida Oval.

No muchas novedades. Por no decir nada, el  nuevo saxo, Karl Denson estuvo muy bien. Es un gran músico.



La entrada con ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ fue especialmente espectacular. Todos los Stones terminaron con ‘Satisfaction’ muy cansados.

Siempre sufren la primera presión de la inaguración de los conciertos.

Esto es lo que tocaron en el inicio de la gira Austral:

1.- Jumping Jack Flash
Mick:“Thank you Adelaide! I’m very sorry we kept you waiting for such a long time. We appreciate you coming. At least the concrete in the stadium has had time to set. It’s great to be the first band ever to play this stage, and we’re very proud of that fact.”
2.-Let’s Spend The Night Together
3.-It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
4.-Tumbling Dice
Mick: “I’d like to thank Barnesy for doing a great set before! Are there any Crows fans in the house? Anyone support the Power? Well it seems like you really get on as you support the same stadium…”
5.-Wild Horses
6.- Doom & Gloom
Mick:”Every night we put up some songs online,,to see which one you want to vote for and Adelaide’s vote tonight is…”
7.- Like A Rolling Stone
(Vote Song) “We’ll have a bash at that. We haven’t done it for a bit but we’ll have a go…” [=> videosnippet at instagram]
8.- Out Of Control
9.-Honky Tonk Women
Mick: “I need a drink, I’m drier than a dead dingo’s donger, I had to do that one right… We’ve had a great week rehearsing in a mental hospital….
Band Introductions
…Singing alongside us Ms Lisa Fischer… right along side her Mr Bernard Fowler… on saxophone Mr Tim Ries… playing his first gig with us tonight Mr Karl Denton… on the bass, Mr Darry Jones… on the keyboard Mr Chuck Leavell… On the guitars Mr Ronnie “Ronno” Wood… On the drums Mr Charlie “Watto” Watts… On guitars and now on the vocals Mr Keith Richards!

10.-Happy con Keith
11.- Can’t Be Seen With You con Keith
12.-Midnight Rambler (w. Mick Tailor)
13.- Miss You
14.- Gimme Shelter
Mick: “Are you ready?”
15.- Start Me Up
16.- Sympathy For The Devil
17.- Brown Sugar
Mick: Thank you very much Adelaide, goodnight!

18.- You Can’T Always Get What You Want (with the Young Adelaide Voices and the Adelaide Chamber Singers)
A man runs onto the stage, but the security guards tackle him and he’s escorted off the stage – “All part of the act, some Aussies Rules tackling!”
19.- Satisfaction (w. Mick Taylor)




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