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The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped
The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped
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Mick Jagger, anoche en Minnieapolis

A la tercera canción, Mick Jagger daba las gracias a la banda de Grace Potter, por su gran actuación como telonera.

Estaba también preparando lo que habían ensayado. La participación de la rubia vistosa cantante y guitarrista, como gran invitada en “Gimme Shelter” , lo que ocurrió en bien entrada la noche , en la decimocuarta canción del set.



Un set de canciones muy extraño. Dispar, atípico, pero así se lo pasa mejor Mick Jagger.

Por ejemplo, volvieron otra vez a Out of Control, que tanto le gusta a Mick. Y, de ¿”Sticky Fingers”?. Pues, las de siempre. “Bitch”, “Brown Sugar” y su favorita, lenta nostálgica, “Moonlight mile”.

El “rush” final siempre está milimitrado y casi siempre son las mismas canciones.




1.- Jumping Jack Flash
Mick: Thank you very much! How you doin’, alright?
2.-It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
It’s great to be back in Minneapolis! You’re looking great you Minneapolitans! This one’s called
3.- All Down The Line
I wanna thank Grace Potter and her band for a great set before we came on, thank you Grace!
4.- Tumbling Dice
I love playing in these college football stadiums, but I get a bit confused with the teams.
You’re the stripy furry ones that begin with a B right?!
You’re the GGGG-Gophers! This one’s called
5.- Doom & Gloom
This is the time we do request songs and if you shout it out we’ll play it…
Actually let’s do the vote on line as I can’t hear you.
We’re going to do BITCH which is from Sticky Fingers and that’s just about to be re-released. Then we’ll do another one
6.- Bitch (vote song)
7.- Moonlight Mile
8.- Out Of Control
Thank you Minneapolis! How you doin’ out there alright?! Are you feelin’ good! Are you feelin’ good! Oh yeah!
9.-Honky Tonk Woman
Introductions + Happy Birthday to Charlie singalong
It’s my privilege tonight to tell you who’s on stage playing with us tonight…
First up Miss Lisa Fischer … Next to her Mr Bernard Fowler … And alongside me on the horns and keyboard, Matt Clifford … On the saxophone Tim Ries … On the saxophone Karl Denson … On the bass Darryl Jones … On the keyboards Chuck Leavell … A man has just had his birthday, and a lot of balloons, Ronnie Minihaha Wood! … Does everyone get a free 40 years Ronnie t-shirt is that your present to the audience? … And a man who just had his birthday yesterday Charlie Watts!
I think we should sing happy birthday to them both, don’t you! … “….Happy birthday to Ronnie and Charlie! Happy birthday to you!” … And on guitar and vocals Mr Keith Richards!
Keith. Good evening Minneapolis! And surrounding areas I guess! We’re gonna keep things rocking with.
10.- Before They Make Me Run
Keith: It’s good to be here, it’s good to be anywhere! But here will do, right!
This one’s called
11.- Happy
Keith: Gold rings on you all! Bless you, thank you!
12.- Midnight Ramber
13.- Miss You
14.- Gimme Shelter with Grace Potter
Mick: Thank you Grace! Grace Potter! (Charlie even gave her a hand-kiss when she left the stage!)
We even managed to buy matching silvers… How are you doing guys, alright?! Are you ready!.
15.- Start Me Up
16.- Sympathy Fot The Devil
17.- Brown Sugar
(Karl Denson just NAILED the sax solo!)
Thank you very much, goodnight!.-
18.- You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the with the Vocal Essence Ensemble Singers)
19.- Satisfacion




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