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Inicio del show en San Diego


Escucha Rolling Stones
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Los Rolling Stones volvieron a entusiasmar , justo en el primer show de su nuevo tour americano, al que Mick Jagger ha puesto el nombre de Zip Code Tour.

En San Diego, en el gran estadio de Petco Park tocaron otra vez cuatro temas de “Sticky Fingers”. Además, con uno de ellos , “Bitch” , con la aparición del soberbio guitarrista Gary Clark Jr.

Keith Richards, definitivamente, se ha cargado a Mick Taylor , que ya no está en esta gira. Al menos, ayer sonó Midnight Rambler, pero sin el soberbio Mick Taylor.

El mejor momento, otra vez, cuando el grupo atacó dos temas seguidos  como “Sympathy for the devil” y “Brown Sugar”– otra vez Sticky Fingers- y la gente enloqueció, una vez más.



Estos fue lo que tocaron los Stones:

1.-Jumping Jack Flash
2.-It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Mick: Thank you very much San Diego! It’s great to be back here I can tell you! This is the first show of our 2015 ZIP CODE tour and we’re glad to start it right here!
3.-All Down The Line
4.- Tumblin’ Dice
Mick: Thank you! I like that! – Its great to be back in Petco Park, we were the first band to play Petco Park when it was named that back in 2005. The Petco people have been wonderful to us.. they supplied all the backstage catering… I particularly like the Chicken & Venison tin and Keith liked the Shepherds Pie flavour Ronnie Wood liked the T-Rex Tortoise Formula but I’m worried he’s now into his shell…
We do this one called
5.- Doom & Gloom
Mick We’re gonna do a few songs from Sticky Fingers! Not the whole album, which we did the other night in Los Angeles, and I think we got away with it… We’re gonna be helped out very graciously by Gary Clark! Come on Gary! Very nice set he did earlier. We’re gonna do this one called
6.- Bitch (with Gary Clark Jr.)
Mick : Gary Clark Jnr! Thank you Gary!
We’re gonna have to slow it down a little bit. We’re gonna do another song from Sticky Fingers. It’s great to be here on Memorial Day weekend – I know there’s a lot of men & women are here from the services & its great to have you here. This one’s called
7.- Moonlight Mile
Mick : Thank you San Diego! Last one from Sticky Fingers, in this little bit anyhow…
8.- Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
Fantastic! Almost jazz… Thank you all you San Diegans! San Diegons…! We put some some songs up on line and we don’t find out what the winner is until it comes up on screen…
9.- Street Fighting Man (song vote)
Mick : Are you feeling good?!
10.- Honky Tonk Woman
Mick: Thank you very much, thank you very kindly! I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful lady and friend of mine, Miss Lisa Fischer on backing vocals! Alongside her Mr Bernard Fowler, on the saxophone Tim Ries! On the tenor sax Karl Denson, he’s from San Diego! On the bass Darryl Jones! On the keyboard Chuck Leavell! On the guitar Mr Ronnie Wah Wah Wood! On the drums, he’s been surfing for days down here, Charlie Watts! On the guitar and now the vocals Keith Richards!.-


Keith . Good evening San Diego! Good to be back here, it’s been a while, you can’t be everywhere! This one’s from Steel Wheels, it’s called
11.- Slipping Away
Mick: …It’s Before They Make Me Run! Old habits die hard…
12.- Before They Make Me Run
13.- Midnight Rambler
Mick: We’re having a great time here in San Diego. It’s so beautiful here, why would anyone want to leave…especially The Charges.
14.- Miss You
15.- Gimme Shelter
16.- Start Me Up
17.- Sympathy For The Devil
18.- Brown Sugar
Mick : Thank you very much San Diego, you’re really wonderful, goodnight!
19.- You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Members of the Bob Cole Conservatory Choir)
Mick: Thank You – fantastic, San Diego!
20.- Satisfaction


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