Es curioso, porque tras interpretar "Tumbling Dice" , Mick Jagger preguntó que desde el año 1989 no habían vuelto a tocar allí en el estadio Bobby Dodd.

Es curioso, muy curioso, porque aquella noche de 1989,  en Atlanta si que estuve viendo el concierto y me firmaron un balón de fútbol , los cuatro Stones. Hoy debe valer una fortuna. 

Los Stones, en el día que había aparecido "Sticky Fingers" en todo el mundo, hicieron "Can´t you hear me knocking"  y "You gotta move" , aparte de Brown Sugar.


Pero la sorpresa es que recuperaron una sensacional versión de  Some Girls.

Por cierto, según todas las críticas, los Rolling Stones están tocando mejor que nunca.


1.-Start Me Up
2.-It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
3.-All Down The Line
4.-Tumbling Dice
Mick: We haven’t played the Bobby Dodd stadium since 1989, anyone here from 1989 here tonight?
5.-Doom & Gloom
Mick: We’re gonna do couple of songs from Sticky Fingers…some of which was recorded near here, but not in this state. The first one we’re gonna do is
6.-Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Mick: That's as close to Jazz as it could get ... We’ve had a nice time in Atlanta - We were very impressed with Stone Mountain - So much so, we are thinking of making a Rolling Stone Mountain right next door So we’re going to do another somg from STICKY FINGERS, and this one is a bluesy one that was written by Mississippi Fred McDowell
7.- You Got To Move (OMG!!!)
Mick : Wow, we haven’t done that one for a while, we’ll give it a bash
Usually we put some songs up on line and get you to vote for them, we count them with our bare fingers…and the song that’s won the vote is
8.- Some Girls (vote song)
Mick: Thank you! Thank you very much!
Well that was funky… How you doin’ ATLANTA! Are you doing good?! Are you feeling fine?!
9.- Honky Tonk Woman
Mick : First I want to introduce you to Lisa Fischer, our Georgia peach!
And right behind her, Mr Bernard Fowler, our local peach fancier
On the keyboards and horns Matt Clifford
On the saxophone, Tim Ries
On the tenor, Karl Denson
We were driving round Georgia, and we found this amazing guy, a tree farmer, and we invited him to play on stage with us tonight. Local boy made good, Chuck Leavell!
On the bass Darryl Jones!
This guy not really from the south, south of london, no. South of England. On the guitar RONNIE WOOD!
On the drums CHARLIE WATTS! Frankly my dear, he just doesn’t give a damn…
And on guitars and now the vocals KEITH RICHARDS!.-


Keith: Good evening Atlanta! I needed that! It’s great to be back here, it’s been a while. Great to be down south again, good to see you guys, good to see anybody! On with the show, this one’s called

10.- Before They Make Me Run
Keith: This one’s called
11.- Happy
Keith: Gold rings on ya, thank you very much!
12.- Midnight Rambler
Mick : Yeah Atlanta! We’ve been coming here since 1975 and we’ve played all over the major places in Atlanta – Thank you for coming all these years.
13.- Miss You
14.- Gimme Shelter (con  Lisa Fisher)
15.- Jumping Jack Flash
16.- Sympathy For The Devil
17.- Brown Sugar
Mick: Thank you Georgia!


18.-You Can't Always Get What You Want (with the Emory University Concert Choir)
19.- Satisfaction

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