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Los Stones , anoche en Washington, ultima actuación de la gira Americana. Ahora, les queda Glastonbury y Hyde Park

No hubo ni invitados especiales ni siquiera Mick Taylor hizo una canción más. Todo muy sobrio, como queriendo terminar pronto. Era al actuación final en Washington, en Estados Unidos, en la capital.

La máquina de los Stones ha estado inmaculadamente engrasada, pero hay cierto resquemor, porque los Stones no han llenado ni un sólo día de todas sus actuaciones.

Ahora queda Glastonbury, que está totalmente agotado el papel. Y el primero de los dos shows en Hyde Park. No, todavía, el segundo.

Esto fue lo que tocaron anoche:

1.-Get Off Of My Cloud

2.-It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
Mick Jagger: «It’s great to be here in Washington DC, what a fitting place for the last show of our US tour. Bit of sad music…»
3.-Paint It Black
4.-Gimme Shelter
Mick «Oh, a storm is threatening … Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away
Washington has a lot of memories for me, we first came here in 1965. Ladybird Johnson was the First Lady, she always came to our shows…»
I don’t think President Obama is here tonight, but I’m sure he’s listening in…
This one is a bit of a ballad, it’s called…»
5.-Worried About You

Mick: «But what can a poor boy do, except to sing for a rock ‘n’ roll band, Cos in sleepy London Town there’s just no place for Street Fighting Man …»

6.-Emotional Rescue
Mick:»Bobby Keyes sax solo – » coming to our Emotional Rescue»
We’ve got a couple of new songs for you, this first one’s called… »
7.-Doom & Gloom
Mick : «Lost all the treasure in an overseas war, Just goes to show you don’t get what you pay for…»
8.- One More Shot
9.- Honky Tonk Women

Mick:»I just don’t seem to drink you off my mind»
«Everybody at the top alright?! Introductions: Miss Lisa Fisher, Mr Bernard Fowler, Tim Ries, Bobby Keys, Darryl Jones, Chuck Leavell,
On the guitar Mr. Ronnie Wood! On the drums in the red corner: Charlie Watts! On guitars and now the vocals Keith Richards!»
Keith: «It’s great to be here it’s great to be anywhere. I love you all & to prove it I’m going to sing for it …»
10.- You Got The Silver con Keith
Keith: «Thank you guys, big up to Ronnie I say! Now it’s»
11.- Before They Make Me Run
Keith: «Better find my way to heaven because I’ve done my time in hell
Gold rings on ya!»
12.- Midnight Rambler con Mick Taylor
Mick :»He don’t give a hoot of warning, Wrapped up in a black cat cloak, He don’t go in the light of morning, He split the time the cockerel crows…»
13.- Miss You
Mick:»Sometimes I wanna sing, and sometimes I wanna play the bass like Darryl!»
14.-Start Me Up
15.- Tumbling Dice
16.-Brown Sugar
17.- Sympathy For The Devil
18.-You Can’t Always Get What You Want
19.-Jumping Jack Flash
20.- Satisfaction con Mick Taylor


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  1. rafa dice

    Tras cincuenta años aún siguen siendo grandes! A ver si se dejan caer por España dentor de poco…

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