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Debía ser el penúltimo de la gira austral. Ya sólo quedaría el de Auckland en Nueva Zelanda, pero por la laringitis de Mick habría que hacer el de Macedon, pero no se sabe si se va a hacer.

Hace unos minutos, los Rolling Stones han hecho el mejor concierto en Australia, según los críticos de Brisbane.

Y,sobre todo, porque como ya hicieron en Tokyo, han vuelto a tocar esa maravillosa Silver Train, de las sesiones de Sticky Fingers, pero que no salió hasta el álbum Goats Head Soup. Un clásico, aunque no se toque, porque es muy Mick Taylor.


Una vez más , Keith Richards cantó tres temas para que así descansara más la voz de Mick, que incluso se sorprendió de como sonaba la banda en un excepcional versión de Miss you.

Esto fue lo que tocaron los Stones:


1.-Jumpin' Jack Flash
2.- It's Only Rock'n'Roll

Mick:Thank you very much. Hello Brissy! Thank you very much for waiting for us, we know it’s been a long time. We haven’t been here for ages, and it’s good to be back!

3.-You Got Me Rocking

Mick:You feeling good? Alright then!

4.-Tumbling Dice

Mick: Well you guys have had quite a weekend here in Brisbane. Lots of famous people here... Everyone behaved themselves, even Tony Abbott... what happened to the shirt fronting... I thought he was on a Putin-free-diet.
Tonight, we’re playing a song that we put online, the favourite song of the audience is SILVER TRAIN. It’s a bit of a train but we’re going to ask Mick Taylor to join us on this number, as we try to remmember the arrangement!

5.-Silver Train ( con Mick Taylor!)
Mick:Are you ready for another one?


7.-Paint It Black
8.-Honky Tonk Women
Mick:How you doin’ now?
Everyone that comes to brisbane’s gotta have one of these! (Guitar tech gives Mick a giant koala)
I’d like to introduce you to everyone singing with us tonight, first up Miss Lisa Fischer, next to her Mr Bernard Fowler, on the sax Tim Ries, on the tenor Karl Denson, on the bass Darryl Jones, on the keyboards Chuck Leavell,
On the guitar RONNIE WOOD ... He loves you!
And now, as you call him in Australia, our drummie! CHARLIE WATTS
On guitar and now the vocals KEITH RICHARDS!
hey put me in Mr Putin’s room, I think he left this behind..
Keith: It’s nice to be back, I’m telling you that! Why don’t we start with some hymns! No, I’d never do that. I’ll leave Mick to do the jokes...
9.-You Got The Silver
10.-Before They Make Me Run
Keith: Alright! Thank you very much, you know... All of you up the back there, I’m thinking of you. This one’s called HAPPY
11.- Happy

Acaba Keith.-

12.-Midnight Rambler (con Mick Taylor)
Mick: Mick Taylor! Take a bow Mick! How you doin’ out there, alright? Do you feel like singing a little bit?
13.-Miss You
Mick:You sounded amazing! Fantastic! What can I tell ya more!
14.-Gimme Shelter (with Lisa Fisher)
Mick: Take a bow Lisa Fischer!
15.-Start Me Up
16.-Sympathy For The Devil
17.-Brown Sugar
Mick:Thank you very much everybody, goodnight!
18.- You Can't Always Get What You Want (con el  Vibrancy, the Choir of the Cuskelly College of Music)
Mick: Ready for a bit more?!
19.- Satisfaction (con Mick Taylor)

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