A raíz del  fallecimiento , los músicos han compartido homenajes a  Walter Becker en las redes sociales.

«Walter Becker, cambiaste mi vida con tu música mística y tu guitarra», escribió Ryan Adams. 

Questlove ofreció una nota en la que detalla cómo Steely Dan impregnó su infancia, recordando a Becker como «posiblemente uno de mis arquitectos favoritos del sonido suave de los años 70.

Rickie Lee Jones cuyo álbum , Flying Colors fue producido por Becker  «una de las mujeres que Walter Becker tomó tanto cuidado en su corta vida».

Encuentra más homenajes de Mac DeMarco, John Darnielle de Mountain Goats, Bethany Cosentino, Nile Rodgers, Jason Isbell, Talib Kweli , Just Blaze, y más abajo. 

RIP Walter Becker.
Travel Safe back home to the stars of which your soul arose.
We love and miss you. XO

Steely Dan changed the way I understand music forever; I started writing songs under the name «the Mountain Goats» the same month 1/2

that I bought «Katy Lied» on tape and started obsessing over it. Safe travels along the cosmos to Walter Becker: you changed my life. 2/2

Walter Becker dying is worse than everything. RIP to one of my real legendary heroes.

Goodbye Walter Becker. Thank you forever. You created my absolute favorite music. And any major dude will tell you… https://twitter.com/variety/status/904358516269428736 

RIP Walter Becker, guitar hero and 1/2 of the gods of high brow low brow: Steely Dan.

I was once in a band that played only Steely Dan songs. It was hard and lots of fun. RIP Walter.

RIP Walter Becker. Half of one of the greatest and most original bands in rock history.

Wow… RIP Walter Becker. 😞
Aja & The Royal Scam >>> a lot of folks whole discographies.

 Very sad news. They’re one of my favorite bands. http://fb.me/1ccSwTYR6 

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Walter Becker, Steely Dan Co-Founder, Dead at 67

Walter Becker, guitarist and co-founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band Steely Dan, died Sunday at the age of 67.