Gary Clark con el set list de anoche en Boston.

Tal como estaba anunciado, el increíble guitarrista Gary Clark acompañó a los Rolling Stones en el palacio de los Boston Celtics. Gary hizo con ellos un sensacional ‘Going Down’.

De nuevo, Mick Taylor volvió a tocar tres temas. Esta vez, Sway fue el suplemento, una vez más.

Estos es lo que tocaron anoche los Stones:

1.-Get Off Of My Cloud
2.- It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll
3.- Paint It Black
4.- Gimme Shelter
Mick habla: War, children, it’s just a shot away Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away…
“Boston brings back lots of fun memories. We rehearsed up here in 1981, and mayor Kevin White got us out of jail!”
5.- Goin’ Down with Gary Clark Jr.
6.- Beast Of Burden
Habla Mick: “We put some requests online & asked you to vote what song you wanted. The one that won was SWAY, Mick Taylor’s gonna help us with it”
7.- Sway with Mick Taylor

Mick: Thank you! Thank you Mick! He’s gonna be back”

“We were in Chicago about a week ago, it was very nice. They were doing really well in some game they were playing…”
“So I hope that we bring good luck to you tonight!” => Mick holds up Bruins shirt”
Emotional Rescue
“We got some new ones for you, this ones called…”
8.- Doom & Gloom
9.- One More Shot
10.- Honky Tonk Women


Mick: Lisa Fisher – Bernard Fowler – Tim Ries – Bobby Keys -Darryl Jones – Chuck Leavell – As Mayor Manino might say Mr Ronnie Roots! – On the drums Charlie Rockin’ Watts! – On guitars, and now on lead vocals Keith Richards! – “Boston’s strong”

12.- You’ve Got The Silver con Richards
Dice Keith:”Thank you guys, thank you very much. Step it up now…”
13.- Before They Make Me Run con Richards
Se despide Keith:”Gold rings on ya Boston!”

14.- Midnight Rambler con Mick Taylor
15.- Miss You
16.- Start Me Up
17.- Tumbling Dice
18.- Brown Sugar
19.-Sympathy For The Devil
Despedida de Mick: Thank you everyone, goodnight!


20.- You Can’t Always Get What You Want
21.- Jumping Jack Flash

22.- Satisfaction con Mick taylor