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Bad Paisley cantando Dead Flowers con Mick Jagger, anoche en Filadelfia.

En realidad, nadie se esperaba que los Rolling Stones invitaran en Filadelfia a una estrella de la música vaquera norteamericana. Más bien se esperaba alguna destrella negra del R´n ¨b , pero fue Bad Paisley el elegido.

Como siguen muy amparados en el Sticky Fingers, utilizaron Dead Flowers. Por lo demás, no hubo grandes sorpresa. A los Stones ya sólo le quedan dos conciertos en Estados Unidos, uno más en Filadelfia y, el final, en Washington.

Este fue el repertorio de anoche:


Get Off Of My Cloud
Mick: «How you doin’ Philadelphia? I’m feelin’ pretty good myself»
It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
Paint It Black
Mick: «It’s Philadelphia’s birthday today I read in the paper. We’d like to thank Mayor Nutter for giving us a nice Rolling Stones week, & a bell!»
Gimme Shelter
Mick: «Rape, murder, it’s just a shot away!»
«Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away»
«We’re gonna slow things down a little bit, you can hold hands on this one»
Wild Horses
Mick : «We put a list of songs up online and people vote for which one they want… And tonight we’ll be playing DEAD FLOWERS and happily joining us is BradPaisley»
Dead Flowers con Brad Paisley

Mick: «Take me down little Susie, won’t you take me down. I know you think you’re the queen of the underground»Emotional Rescue. «This one is a bit like the moon outside tonight…»

Doom & Gloom
Mick: «Through the night your face I see, baby take a chance, baby won’t you dance with me»
One More Shot
Honky Tonk Women


MICK:»I want to tell you who’s up here tonight: Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler, Tim Ries, Bobby Keys, Darryl Jones, ChuckLeavell, On the guitar Ronnie Wood, On the drums, in the orange corner CHARLIE WATTS! On the guitar and now the vocals KEITH RICHARDS!»

«Hey Philly, it’s your birthday, not mine! Happy birthday. I don’t know who’s older… »
You Got The Silver con Keith
Before They Make Me Run con Keith
Keith:»I wasn’t looking too good but I was feeling real well»
«Gold rings on ya Philly!»

Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor

Mick: «Do you feel like singing a little bit? Okay then, let’s see how loud we can go»

Miss You
Mick: «Play some bass for them Darryl!»
Start Me Up
Tumbling Dice
Mick: «Are you ready for a little bit more?»
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil
Mick:»Thank you very much, goodnight!»

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Jumping Jack Flash

Satisfaction con Mick Taylor

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