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Segundo concierto de los Rolling Stones, según gran concierto. Incluso, como era de suponer, sonó bastante mejor que ayer, con un sonido poderoso y con un Ronnie Wood, increíble.

La sorpresa fue que la gente eligiera Loving Cup. No se lo cree nadie. A mick le gusta ahora esa canción. Significativa también la gran versión que hicieron con All down the line. No faltó tampoco Out of Control.

Y lo gracioso es que Mick Jagger mentó la prisión de Freenmantle , que estuvo visitando dís antes, con la foto que publicamos.


Esto es lo que tocaron los Stones, en Perth:

1.-Jumpin' Jack Flash
2.-You Got Me Rocking
Mick:"Thank you! Thank you very much everybody at the top! It’s great to see you, thanks everyone for coming back to see us after such a long wait. We really appreciate your patience, thank you".
3.-It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
4.-Tumbling Dice
Mick"About now, we usually put some songs up online for you to vote for. Charlie wanted to do Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, but we scrapped that and instead we’re going to do LOVING CUP!"
5.- Loving Cup
Mick:"Anyone here tonight from Freemantle? Nice place, I went to the prison, it was very nice… This one we do called"
6.-Doom & Gloom
Mick:"Thank you very much! Thank you very kindly! This one is called ALL DOWN THE LINE! Here we go..."
7.-All Down The Line
8.-Out Of Control
9.- Honky Tonk Women

Mick"… I wanna tell you who’s on stage with us tonight. First I want to introduce Miss Lisa Fischer; alongside her the very charming Bernard Fowler; on the saxophone Tim Ries; on the tenor Karl Denson; on the bass Darryl Jones; on the keyboard Mr Chuck Leavell…
On the guitar the koala hugging RONNIE WOOD ... He loves it!
On the drums, all the way from Wembley, CHARLIE WATTS
And on the guitar, and now the vocals, KEITH RICHARDS
Keith:"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it’s great to see you all here. How are we doing, alright? OK, I’m gonna do"
10.-Before They Make Me Run
11.- Happy

Mick" Gold rings on ya! Bless ya!"
12.-Midnight Rambler con Mick Taylor Mick Taylor
13.-Miss You
14.-Gimme Shelter
15.-Start Me Up
16.-Sympathy For The Devil
17.-Brown Sugar
Mick:"Thank you very much Perth! Just wanted to say it’s 50 years since we first came here, so thanks for coming back here tonight!"
18.-You Can't Always Get What You Want con the Giovanni Consort Choir
19.-Satisfaction con Mick Taylor

Los Stones, hace unas horas. Siete más en Perth.

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